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March 2011 Time saving tips using Date fields, Date Picker, and Firefox 4
January 2011 In Outlook, Import Contacts From Excel and Convert a PDF to Word
October 2010 In Outlook, Export Contacts To Excel and True Time Tracker
July 2010 SET has a new President: some big news from both me and SET Consulting
December 2009 Win more business in 2010...and a gift guide you'll enjoy.
July 2009 Tips for Information Overload, and a Webinar and Book for $9 (bear with me on this)
May 2009 Building Business, Saving Money, and...Instant Messaging
April 2009 Bootstrap Maryland, The 99 Percent, and Text Messages!
March 2009 Advice for Presentations and a Huge Timesaver for Outlook (oh, and two events!)
February 2009 Building online relationships...and productive happiness
January 2009 Thoughts for 2009 and understanding your web traffic
December 2008 Get way less email and give a gift that will work for anyone.
November 2008 Tips for productivity & What Not to Do During the Holidays—seriously! And Our Big News.
October 2008 Tips for productivity & pithy ideas, as well as technology tools for a down economy
September 2008 The core of productivity, and sites that work on your mobile phone
August 2008 Travel Advice from a Geek, and How to Meet Lots of People Abroad
July 2008 How to get started with social media, a definitive guide...and BugMeNot
May 2008 A How-To Guide for Working Remotely
April 2008 Make email less painful and find awesome graphics with Flickr
March 2008 Don't be busy, escape information overload, and DarkRoom / WriteRoom
January 2008 Process Email Faster, Effectively Cancel Appointments, and Get Your Voicemails Transcribed with GotVoice
December 2007 Word's Keep with Next and Gift Guides!
October 2007 Excel Status Bar Calculations and World Clock Meeting Planner
September 2007 Work quickly in PowerPoint and Keep track of your hours with TimeSnapper
July 2007 Set your default font/margins in Word and never lose an idea
June 2007 Renaming Outlook Messages and The Four Hour Workweek
May 2007 Forgotten Basics in XP/Vista and XP PowerToys
March 2007 Remove Duplicate Rows in Excel 2007 and Google Toolbar's Favorites
January 2007 Power of Alt and Web Aggregators
December 2006 Sorting text in Word and Google Maps on your cell phone
November 2006 Quickly and Accurately Access Excel Worksheets and Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0
October 2006 Multiselecting Dates in Outlook and Try out Wikipedia
August 2006 Multiselect in Word and Excel and Google Local on your Cellphone
June 2006 Outlook Rules and Anagram Revisited
May 2006 File Messages in Outlook Fast and Protect Your Email Address
April 2006 Zoom in & out of your windows and remove hidden data
March 2006 Advanced Search & Replace and Web Tools Highlights
February 2006 Email Large Attachments Quickly and GoToMeeting
January 2006 Remove Word Annoyances and try Picasa
December 2005 Holiday Gift Guide
November 2005 Neat ideas for Outlook and Google Toolbar, even for Firefox
October 2005 Hyphenating in Word and Performing Windows Screen Captures
September 2005 Save your serial numbers & CDs and Microsoft Update
August 2005 Quickly Apply Formatting in Word/Excel/PowerPoint and The Wayback Machine
July 2005 Protect Cells in Excel and Use a Ruler to Align Items on Your Screen
June 2005 Access Files Much Faster and Improve your Googling
May 2005 Hidden commands in Outlook and Free Wireless Internet
April 2005 More Accurate Google Searches and Random Word Shortcuts
March 2005 Repair Your Wireless Internet Connection and Microsoft Office Update
February 2005 Protect Excel Formulas From Accidents and Outlook Maps (via MSN MapPoint)
January 2005 Repair Word documents and speed up Adobe Acrobat/Reader
December 2004 Internet Explorer Timesavers and Holiday Shopping with Froogle
November 2004 Saving money by using Ebay and using Google to search your Desktop
October 2004 Outlook Categories for mailing lists and SMS for cell phones
September 2004 Excel Shortcuts and Trillian Pro
July 2004 Saving Multiple Attachments and Browsing the Invisible Web
June 2004 Save Time in Outlook & Print Less Paper
May 2004 Keep Track of Files & Maintain Wi-Fi Signals
April 2004 Secure Outlook & Soople Google
March 2004 Access Recent Files & Keep Mobile Files In-Sync
February 2004 Format Precisely in Word & Learn About Tablet PCs
January 2004 Recover Files & Update Your Virus Utility
December 2003 Holiday Gift Guide
December 2003 Keep Your Laptop Quiet & Manage Your Digital Photos
November 2003 Utilize Power Shortcuts for Outlook & Talk Clearly on Your Cell
October 2003 Insert Frequent Text in Word & Try the Latest Smartphone
September 2003 Input Excel Data Faster & Get the News on Your PDA
August 2003 Master Office's Menus & Get Rid of Spyware
November 2002 Google's Advanced Search Page
October 2002 Cleaning & Organizing Your Start Menu
September 2002 Internet Explorer Tips


Many of the tips from SET's newsletters are published in legal and association periodicals. Jared Goralnick's tips regularly appear in the Maryland ALA's Disclosures and the Pittsburgh Society of Association Executives' PSAE News.

Baltimore Smart CEO (PDF) "CEO Q&A: What do you regard as the best strategic decision you ever made for your company?" Jared Goralnick's ideas on niche marketing were quoted. September 2004.

Capital Gazette "Small Business Survival Guide: Chamber hosts programs for small firms," Jared Goralnick contributed to much of this article by Walt Townshend, President & CEO of Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce. November 2, 2003.

Maryland Daily Record (PDF) "Technology Certifications and the Myth of the 'Computer Guy,'" July 3, 2003

Bar Bulletin "Software tips that will save you time...immediately," June 2003

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