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Our Management Team

We're proud to be a team of passionate individuals with a myriad of design, development, training, and business skills. Read on to learn a bit more.

John Lucke | President

As President of SET Consulting, John plays an active role in each client engagement while also driving the strategic vision. John's passion for technology productivity stems for more than 20 years of experience in lean process improvement for major corporations like Ford Motor Company, General Electric and RCA. By listening to and addressing each employee's challenges in a system—be it a vehicle assembly line or a Word document production process in a law firm—John is an expert at reducing costs, improving quality, and empowering employees.

John received his Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters in Operations Management from Kettering University. John manages SET's offices in both Maryland and Ohio, where he resides with his wife and two children.

David Green | Senior Developer

David Green joined SET Consulting in March of 2003 as a software development intern. Since then, David has participated in numerous document automation and software development projects. His expertise ranges from Visual Basic for Office Applications and .NET Windows development to web standards compliant CSS and PHP. He is an expert at finding the absolute fastest ways to work with the many large documents, sites, and spreadsheets that SET regularly produces—expertise that is frequently incorporated into SET’s efficiency training. David completed his Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from University of Maryland University College in fall of 2008.

Keith Ludlow | Senior Office Designer

Keith Ludlow joined SET Consulting in March of 2006 and brought with him an incredible talent for visualizing highly-detailed data. Prior to joining SET, Keith worked for Dean & Company for ten years, where he was tasked with numerous strategic and information design projects under the tight deadlines of their many publicly-traded clients. He has a unique ability to present data in a way that is not only elegant, but usable and editable by Microsoft Office users. At SET Consulting, Keith oversees the design of all proposals, reports, financial data, presentations, and other client work. Keith received a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Graphic Design from Liberty University.

Jared Goralnick | Founder & Advisor

Jared Goralnick founded SET Consulting in May, 2002 and managed both the company direction and major projects until July, 2010 when he switched roles to that of a company advisor. Jared has been extremely active in the DC and Maryland region—he's been a longstanding member in the Greater Baltimore Technology Council and in 2009 he founded both Bootstrap Maryland and Ignite DC, groups with several hundred people that meet 2-3 times per year for major events. He speaks regularly about productivity around the globe at events like South by Southwest, eComm, and This Week in Cloud Computing.

In 2008 Jared Goralnick started AwayFind as a part-time project for SET Consulting. By July of 2010, Jared had raised an angel round of financing from investors like Dave McClure, Shervin Pishevar, and Dave Troy, and grown AwayFind to 10 employees and many thousand users. AwayFind is now independent from SET Consulting, and Jared Goralnick's primary role is Founder & CEO of AwayFind.

Jared Goralnick remains active and invested in SET Consulting. You can find more about Jared at www.awayfind.com or on his blog, www.technotheory.com.

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