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The following are some of the testimonials our clients have been kind enough to leave. We're honored and quite lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such receptive and professional clients:

SAE International

"SET's Jared Goralnick was extremely professional and very knowledgeable in Microsoft products. He did a thorough needs assessment and was able to communicate very well both with our IT folks and the non-technical staff.

"Jared was extremely organized; he presented and executed an excellent training proposal to over 200 individuals. We had wonderful feedback about his training sessions and materials."

Kimberly Cannon
HR Programs Manager

Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Inc.

"I was very impressed with the trainer's thoroughness and professionalism. Before the training session, he spent several hours with our staff learning our processes and procedures so he could tailor the course materials and presentation to our specific needs. The result: a training session that covered exactly what we needed in order to transition to using new software.

"I would recommend SET Consulting--and Jared--to anyone needing training in using new software tools."

Jean Hellwege
Deputy Managing Editor

Miles & Stockbridge P.C.

"SET Consulting's program was incredibly well-planned and targeted to our needs. It was worth every dollar spent! I am certain we will collectively shave (at a minimum) an hour or two off our work production time within our department. Whether you are savvy or a novice, this program is invaluable."

Tara Weintritt
Director of Marketing

Miles & Stockbridge P.C.

"[The instructor] was amazing. His knowledge, sense of humor, and delivery were all excellent. I would not change a thing. I have sat through many training seminars where I did everything to stay awake. He captured my attention by providing very useful information that is extremely helpful with my daily use of Word and Outlook. THANK YOU!"

Grantmakers in Health

"SET Consulting helped us to establish office-wide templates for everything from our Board letterhead to our Meeting Agenda & Participant List, allowing us to quickly merge data for events with over 500 attendees--thus saving us a lot of time. Consistency and ease of use are very important to my non-profit and SET delivered the goods! The staff especially enjoyed how conveniently SET placed the templates, just a couple clicks away."

Gartrell Wright
Production and Office Technology Manager

L. E. Goldsborough & Son, Inc.

"From a minor hardware or software fix, to a process concept that just didn't take hold with an employee, Jared and his folks "make it right." I'm a convert! I never thought productivity could increase with software training on products my employees have been using for years. I was wrong. Better skills make for happier, more productive people who enjoy showing each other the time-saving shortcuts they learned from SET. It was a bargain at twice the cost!"

Don Grauel

United States Marshall Service

Left in a voicemail:
"Though I've been a facilitator for a lot of training, I was awed by your depth of knowledge and presentation quality. I don't know how often people actually reach out to let you know what an awesome job you're doing.but it was fantastic. I just felt compelled to give you a call and let you know that."

Eric Krause

Georgetown Insurance Service, Inc.

"This letter will confirm our schedule for additional training on Wednesday, March 12th at my office in Silver Spring. I thought I'd take just a moment to share with you a very special thank you for helping me become much more efficient in the use of the various tech tools that I have. You have a wonderful way of presenting yourself and teaching in either a class setting or to an individual. You make it fun for someone like myself to find new and more efficient ways to use the same tools we already have. That seems like the essence of "value added" to me. I didn't start and build a successful business from scratch without being able to recognize talent in people and you've been abundantly endowed with talent. My observation is that you enjoy seeing people grow and learn.

"I sure appreciate the wonderful way you have handled the referrals that I've given you so far. It makes me look good with the person I have referred you to, when you give them great advice, service and all of the extra things that you do for them. It is obvious that you genuinely like to help people. I suspect that there are many others in all types of business that simply don't use the software tools they have efficiently and would find it very cost effective and productive to improve their use of and understanding of the tools they already have. Please do not hesitate to use my name as a personal reference. Best wishes to you."

Joseph C. Smith
Executive Vice President

Brown & Gould, L.L.P.

"I felt that the topics that were covered were well chosen in the sense that they could help me be more efficient with every day use of Word. There were things I didn't even know were possible and now will save me lots of time. I felt that Jared was an extremely good presenter, he was clear, moved at a pace that everyone could keep up, and explained things in a way that made them very easy to understand. The videos used to demonstrate things were extremely helpful!"

Andrea Maertens
Office Manager

American Political Science Association

"Jared did a fine job working with our group. Everyone came a way with a greater skill set. He was able to speak about the software at a level that everyone could understand."

"I wasn't sure what all was going to be discussed in the training sessions and I consider myself pretty proficient in both Word and Excel, so I didn't think it would apply to me that much. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn a lot of the nuances and functions that I had not realized were so important and available to me. It was great to learn new things."

"The overall training was a great experience, and I look forward to utilizing all of my knowledge into my daily work load. This way it will help me to be more efficient, and my work will appear in a more professional way."

Training Participants

Wertheimer, Kipnis & Voudouris, LLC

"Our initial experience with SET Consulting was getting assistance in cleaning up a corrupt and cumbersome Microsoft Word file which our client had forwarded to us for revisions. Rather than just repair the file, SET took it a step further by training our paralegal, a skilled Word user, on how to manage complicated sections using field codes. Since then we have engaged SET to tune-up our workstations, and indeed, several partners have even asked SET to help configure their home computer systems. Thank you SET for going the extra mile to help us work with difficult Word documents and make our workstations perform more efficiently."

Demetris Voudouris, Esq.

Goozman, Bernstein & Markuski

"I was not certain what I would be able to learn from these classes, since I am already fairly proficient in Word. I was amazed at the little things I didn't know. The short-cuts and 'quick-keys' are incredibly handy. Already I find myself changing my keyboard habits and incorporating many of the techniques learned in the previous course. I also found especially helpful the instruction in styles and templates."


Jacoby LLC

"Using SET’s templates for our sales proposals, business assessments, and financial projections has changed the way Jacoby runs its business. All of our material and work product are consistent and attractive, and we spend much less time working with them than we did before.

"I’ve enjoyed working with SET Consulting for many years and continue to highly recommend their services to my clients."

Art Jacoby

Beltway Business Brokerage

"Jared has a way of presenting things I can understand even though I consider myself rather technically-challenged. He helps me to totally understand whatever he is presenting! Thank you, SET Consulting!"

Colleen Dockendorf
Executive Director

MainStreet Financial Planning

"SET consulting met my immediate need of disentangling a jumble I had created. Within minutes my computers were talking to each other and working faster. I knew I needed help and I'm glad I found SET.

"SET Consulting's Jared Goralnick took one look and knew exactly what he needed to do, both to my computers and to me. His training of the operator (me) was more beneficial long term than just getting me out of a big mess."

Jim Ludwick

LinkSpace, LLC

"Jared had answers for all my questions and even went to the trouble of finding out more answers by talking to distributors. Your services exceeded my expectations because your knowledge about computer hardware and software is high and your services are very customizable."

Adriana Lee

Joan Carol Design and Exhibit Group

"Thanks a lot for the well thought out seminar at the BWI Tools Group's Mixer at the Sheraton Inn. Although the weather was terrible and my long route was fraught with traffic delays, I found the mixer experience well worthwhile, in large part due to your presentation. I tried the pop-up blocker immediately, and want to report that it is working well. The Google tips are helpful, and I enjoy the efficiency they create.

"Thanks again for bringing real education to the event. "

Ginny Umberger

Wertheimer, Kipnis & Voudouris, LLC

"SET has worked with WKV in several different capacities. They conducted an excellent Word seminar, which was both helpful for the basics and demonstrated some terrific shortcuts. They also help us to resolve the problems that periodically crop up in Microsoft products. SET is always timely and responsive to our needs. Thank you."

Jon Kipnis

Venable LLP

"I wanted to send a note to thank you for the presentation today at Ballard, Spahr. The delivery was superb, the content excellent, and the notes are definitely worth keeping.

"Thank you!"

Kevin R. Vrieze
Computer Resources Librarian

Garrison Forest School

"The practice exercises were very helpful and Jared's sense of humor made the three hours fly by!"

"Jared was incredibly patient and willing to answer every question, no matter how repetitive or small. The pratical hands-on work was especially helpful."

"Jared did an excellent job of staying on target and redirecting questions/comments back to the topic at hand without offense. He was tactful in making the point that each user needs to learn "how to fish" rather than expecting to be provided with a "fish" each time the user is faced with a problem."

"I enjoyed how articulate and patient Jared was in explaining how to do things. He described things clearly that I could better visualize the 'bigger picture.' I also appreciated his sense of humor. His use of his own class notes to demonstrate using flags was very helpful; it was a great real example of how to use the tool."

"Thank you so much. This was very eye-opening. I was hoping to learn to use a great organizational tool, and you did it in a way that I could absorb. Although it was a lot of information, you made it very accessible. Use of the tool did not seem 'mysterious' and challenging to use, but simply a matter of learning how to access certain things. You used vocabulary I could understand. And you used great concrete examples of how I might be able to use these applications in my own life. Thank you!"

OneNote Training Participants

Miles & Stockbridge P.C.

"After meeting and interviewing several training companies, I met with SET Consulting and was sold not only on their knowledge of the applications but their unique approach to the training and the user experience.

"We love their three phase training approach: SET performs a needs analysis, delivers group presentation training, and then follows up at each user’s desk with hands-on exercises. Providing the user with training in their own space encourages them to open up and share issues and experiences that they would not normally bring up in a classroom setting. The users learn what is important to them and address issues confronting them everyday. I am very pleased with our experience with SET Consulting."

Ken Adams

Stout, Causey, & Horning, P.A.

"While our employees have a wide range of Excel skills, SET's training proved beneficial to all of them. Through planning and an onsite evaluation, SET customized hands-on courses that were informative and well received. Our training experience with SET Consulting has been valuable and we hope to work with them in the future."

Jennifer Amato
CPA and Manager of Practice Administration

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