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September 2002 Efficiency Newsletter

Eliminate pop-up windows!

Just a few years ago most site designers and web advertisers stayed away from pop-up windows, because not only were they often in poor taste, but they were flat-out annoying. Now-a-days they're fair territory for everyone to employ. But I still think they're annoying.

So I present for you a solution, Pop-Down by Matthew Pandina. He wrote a nifty utility that takes up a tiny chunk of memory (1.5mb) but zaps away any Internet Explorer pop-up window that's lurking to get you. There's only one catch: if you'd like to open a second browser window or enable a pop-up from a link, you need to hit the CTRL key while opening the window or clicking the link. In all other cases, a second window will not be generated.

For more information and to download his extremely useful and FREE utility, visit http://home.rochester.rr.com/artcfox/Pop-Down

Never lose a site's link

Have you ever been browsing the internet one morning and come across a great site, only to forget where it was later in the week? Well, Internet Explorer has an extremely handy feature known as "History" which lets you keep track of the sites you've recently visited. Not only can you see a list of the individual pages that you visited but you can actually search the full text on those pages.

For example, on Monday I was browsing for a way to get to Laconia, NH via public transportation. It took a decent amount of searching to figure it out. Now let's say that either I don't want to search the entire internet again to find that one page with information on laconia buses. Or perhaps I'm using my laptop and I'm not connected to the internet right now. So, I decide to search the files I've most recently visited.

1) Within Internet Explorer (5.0 or later), I hit Ctrl+H to open up the history window on the left side of my browser:

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