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August 2003 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

Jared Goralnick, SET's president, has now completed the multiple-choice portion of the CTT+, Certified Technical Trainer, certification. CTT+ is a "cross-industry credential recognizing excellence in technical instruction" and one of the select industry certifications that requires tangible proof of capability (in the form of a 20 minute video). In the next few months, Jared will be working hard to meet the requirements of the final portion of the certification.

Many of you requested a link to our Daily Record article, but most of their articles are only available with subscription. Here's a link to the Acrobat version of "Technology Certifications and the Myth of the Computer Guy": http://www.setconsulting.com/press/articles/dailyrecord_2003_07_03.pdf

Our website overhaul is underway! The new content is completed; now we're fine-tuning the design. Our objective is to express our efficiency expertise with regards to specific industries. Of course, there will also be more tips and techniques on the site. The enhanced www.setconsulting.com will be available by September 8, 2003.

Tip of the Month

Show the full menus in Microsoft Office applications

Have you ever noticed two down arrows at the bottom of a drop-down menu? For instance, if you haven't recently accessed the "Tabs" command in Microsoft Word's "Format" menu, you may have to click on the menu's double arrow at the bottom before "Tabs" becomes visible. Microsoft added this feature to Office 2000 and XP with the idea of making the most recently used commands immediately accessible, but it often serves to hide the commands people are searching for. Many consider this “feature” a nuisance.

Here's how you fix it. Within an Office application, such as Word (these changes need only be made in one application):

  1. Click on the "Tools" menu and choose "Customize." Of course, if "Customize" is not readily available, click on the double down arrow at the bottom of the menu first.

  2. Click on the top right tab, "Options."

  3. Check the box for "Always show full menus" (if it's already checked then you don't need to change anything!)

  4. Click the "Close" button on the bottom right of this dialog box.

Now when you use Office applications you won't have to wait to find commands! We challenge you to go ahead and find out how to turn off these "personalized menus" on your Start Menu and within Internet Explorer.

Tool of the Month

PepiMK's SpyBot Search & Destroy

We've seen many a client complain about pop up windows, "search toolbars," and buggy web browsing. The main causes for these problems are spyware, adware, and malware. Spyware reports your internet activities, adware displays advertisements, and malware does harm to your computer (opening up security holes, damaging files, or worse...). These days, antivirus software alone will not guarantee a pleasant and safe computer experience. You also need to run a program like PepiMK's Spybot Search & Destroy every month or two.

SpyBot Search & Destroy is a free cleanup utility that was recently voted the "Best Privacy Software" by PC World. Its inspection will detect and remove much of the malicious software on your computer that was loaded unbeknownst to you. Don't wait, install this to make your life easier and your computer more secure. Here's the link: http://security.kolla.de/.

One quick tip for using this application: close all other applications first, especially Internet Explorer. If you're familiar with different boot methods, it helps to even boot the computer in safe mode. The less programs that are running the greater the chance that SpyBot will resolve your PC's problems.

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