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September 2003 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

This has been a pensive and exciting summer for SET Consulting. We are in no rush to grow but are steadily building an infrastructure so that we can respond to the needs of our clients as more business develops. Some of our most recent news:

Tip of the Month

The Fill-handle in Microsoft Excel

One of the most frequently performed tasks in Excel is to repeat a summation or formula down a column or across a row. While there are numerous keyboard shortcuts that correspond to the various fill commands, this little trick presents an easier and more visual alternative.

After having entered a formula or value into a cell, click on the cell so that it appears outlined. Then, move your mouse cursor over the bottom-right corner of the cell, so that the thick white cross cursor turns into a thin black cross. Click on this cell-corner and drag the cursor in any direction. This will automatically populate the cells you drag over with the relative formula, saving you the trouble of retyping or cutting-and-pasting!

If you have trouble with this trick, be sure that your Excel is configured for this behavior. In the Tools menu, choose Options. In the dialog box, click on the Edit tab. Be sure that “Allow cell drag and drop” is checked.

Tool of the Month


While companies like Symantec and Network Associates deserve the most credit this month for their quick responses to the many recent virus threats, I shouldn’t have to mention how important it is to keep your antivirus software current. Instead, I’ll focus on an application that offers a great deal of convenience: AvantGo. AvantGo provides Pocket PC and Palm users handy access to news, magazines, special interest publications, and even flight schedules. Better yet, it’s a free service that nearly anyone with a personal digital assistant (PDA) can use.

Anytime you’re in a waiting area or have a free moment, it’s nice to have the daily paper in your pocket. AvantGo makes this possible by incorporating itself into your regular PDA synchronizations. To add AvantGo to your portable organizer, visit www.avantgo.com. You’ll never regret it!

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