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January 2004 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

Happy New Year! Not only was 2003 a great year, but this past month was SET's most successful and busy month thus far. Thank you for helping us to grow and achieve our many milestones!

SET's also been nominated by the Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce for the Small Business of the Year in 2003. We're excited about being considered for this honor and will keep you posted as to the progress of this award. What a busy month for SET!

Tip of the Month

Check your virus definitions, now!

This month I've encountered a lot of virus-infected computers where the owners didn't recognize the harm being done to them and the networked PCs nearby. Do yourself a favor and make sure that not only is an anti-virus program installed, but that it's both working AND using the latest virus definitions. Virus programs will continue to run even after the definitions have long become outdated!

For Norton AntiVirus:
Follow the steps at the below link. In the process you'll be prompted to update your subscription if necessary.

For McAfee:
Near the system clock on your Start menu bar, Right click on the V icon and select "About." Make sure your virus definitions are version 4.0.4313 or newer. If not, select "VirusScan Console" from the Start Menu's Programs list (most likely in the "Network Associates" folder). Within the VirusScan Console, click on "Task" and press "Check for VirusScan updates."

In other versions of McAfee, double click on the M instead of the V, and then make sure that all the threat indices are at 10 by clicking on the update button in the top right as many times as necessary (yes, it can be tedious).

If you use another product for anti-virus scanning, please check with the manufacturer to make sure your program is fully functional. Also, be warned that a firewall is not the same as an anti-virus utility. If you're directly connected all of the time, you may need a version of both!

Tool of the Month

Ever accidentally delete a file? Try PC Inspector File Recovery

Though it's important to be careful with your delete-key trigger finger, and though it's doubly important to backup often, sometimes we find we've deleted files we shouldn't have. If you're lucky, the files are still in the Windows Recycle Bin. But there's a chance that they're completely gone...and if that's the case there is still something to try: PC Inspector File Recovery.

PC Inspector File Recovery is a free utility that scans your hard drive and detects which files have been recently deleted. While it does not work flawlessly (as that'd be impossible), it will frequently recover all the text from a Word document or other popular file formats. If you ever press the delete key a little too quickly, it'll be great to have this in your repertoire!


(Works on digital camera image cards, too!)

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