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March 2004 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

In addition to business-as-usual, we’ve been interviewing candidates to manage the demand we’ve had for our newest service--template development. Many of you are familiar with the idea of having a document that’s re-used, but SET’s template development takes this a few steps further: via customized toolbars, data forms, and elements from external sources, we’ve helped our clients to produce intelligent and interactive proposals, contracts, pleadings, invoices, and other materials much faster and with less chance of error (placing the wrong client’s name on page 14, etc.). If you think you have a need for such a service (or if you know of an expert VBA developer) feel free to give us a call.

Every month seems to go faster than the one before. Business has been excellent and we’re now looking to hire an advanced Word trainer. In the midst of the busy-ness we have also:

Tip of the Month

Extending the recently used file list in Office applications

You’re probably familiar with the ability to access the files you’ve most recently worked with by using a program’s File menu. By default, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access display the last four files you’ve worked with (and these can be hotkeyed by Alt+F, 1; Alt+F, 2; etc.) Since many of us use these files often, it makes sense to increase the size of this list to its maximum size—9. To change this setting in any Office application:

  1. Access the "Tools" drop down menu.

  2. Select "Options".

  3. Click on the "General" tab.

  4. Be sure that "Recently used file list" is checked, and raise the number of “entries” to “9.”

  5. Click “OK.”

Tool of the Month

ViceVersa Pro Synchronization Software

TGRMN’s ViceVersa Pro allows you to synchronize directories on different computers—which enables mobile professionals to synchronize two or more computers on a regular basis. Personally I use ViceVersa to sync a server with a notebook every day—all the relevant office files, financials, emails, etc.—in just a few minutes. Once the computers are linked via a network it’s just a few easy steps to set up a synchronization. What’s especially useful about ViceVersa is that it neatly displays all the files/folders that are newer, older, orphaned, deleted, etc…so that you know what changes it’s about to perform. If you have multiple computers this is a very quick and easy way to take your office with you.

Visit TGRMN’s website for more information. This product has a 30-day free trial and then it is $30-$60, depending on the version:

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