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September 2004 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

What an exciting month it's been for SET! We've delivered training to a number of new clients and traveled to Boston and Chicago for a government contract. We've added a new member to our team, Doug Dolan, as an Account Executive; Doug brings a wealth of technical knowledge and years of experience working with professional service firms. We've also finished our new logo; we hope you like it!

Did you miss our recent event with the National Business Institute? This month we're delivering a seminar for the Maryland Association of Legal Administrators on personal productivity solutions for law firms. We're also pouring at the upcoming Greater Baltimore Technology Council's wine tasting mixer. Please stop by, have a glass on us, and meet the members of the SET team. Click here for more information.

Tip of the Month

Some Helpful Excel Shortcuts

Add these very helpful (yet underutilized) shortcuts to your Excel repertoire:

Alt+Page Down: Navigates one screen to the left

Alt+Page Up: Navigates one screen to the right

F2: Edits the contents of a cell that you have selected

Or if your hand is on the mouse, double clicking a cell is another neat way to edit its contents.

Ctrl+1: Opens the Format Cells window, where you can access all the cell formatting options.

Tool of the Month

Cerulean Studios' Trillian Pro

Hopefully Windows XP SP2 will be a contender for the tool of the month in October...but for the time being I'd like to introduce you to Trillian, a tool that allows one to communicate with users of nearly any instant messaging (IM) program. For those unfamiliar, IM is a great way to chat with one or more person(s) live online, but without having to stop whatever else you're doing. It's usually informal, and is often the fastest way to get a quick answer to a question without feeling like you're burdening someone for a formal response or by picking up the phone. It's also the tool that many complain is keeping their kids up late at night chatting with their friends...

Trillian is a program you can download that will allow you to instant message people on any of the popular IM services-AIM (AOL), Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ, and even IRC. Trillian alleviates the hassle of managing multiple IM programs when your contacts are not on the same service. Trillian wraps up all the services' features into one slick interface and adds a number of additional tools, such as the ability to log your conversations. It's a powerful tool that's a convenience for those just getting started and a necessity for those who use more than one IM service. For more information and to download either the free or full version ($25), visit www.trillian.cc.

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