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March 2005 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

SET Consulting has been gearing up for our move, just a few miles away, to 4811 Fox Street, College Park, MD 20740. Please update your records.

We've had another productive month. We've delivered training in Microsoft Word and Salesforce.com, and continued to develop a number of intelligent templates for law firms, design companies, and nonprofits. I'll also be speaking this Friday in Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Society of Association Executives on utilizing technology productively.

While we hope this month goes smoothly, I apologize in advance should you encounter any communication difficulties during our office move, which will take place during the last week of March.

Tip of the Month

Repair your Wireless Internet Connection

As many of us become more mobile, wireless connectivity becomes our steady tie back to the office. While connections often work on the first try, sometimes it's not so simple. And rebooting isn't the only answer. Here is one quick remedy as well as a neat idea for accessing far away signals...

In Windows XP SP2, Microsoft added a nifty repair function to its network connections. To access this:

  1. Note that there is a "Wireless PC" icon in your system tray (the area on the bottom right of your Windows taskbar, near the time). When you hover your mouse over this icon it will display "Wireless Network Connection" or something similar.

  2. Right click on this icon and choose "Repair."

  3. A window will appear explaining the steps Windows is taking to repair the wireless connection. When it is finished, you can click "Close."

More often then not, this will repair the connection. If this doesn't work, a few other things to try:


If it's your wireless network...

  1. try changing the channel on the Wireless Access Point (WAP).

  2. try repositioning the antennas on the WAP.

If it's not your network, then try this. You'll be the talk of the town and have great connection speed (thanks to Andrew Canter for this--it works!). Visit www.usbwifi.orcon.net.nz for information on how to use a wok to greatly improve your signal strength...

Tool of the Month

Microsoft Office Update

While Windows XP does a great job of automatically updating its operating system for security and stability vulnerabilities, other applications still need to be manually updated. One such suite of applications is Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office is continually updated with improvements to its spam filtering, language tools, and security/stability. If you've never visited the Office updates page, you may even find that there are a number of new features for your version of Office!

To update your Microsoft Office suite, visit http://office.microsoft.com/officeupdate/ and then click on "Check for Updates." Be sure to follow the instructions for installing an Active X control and then follow the prompts.

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