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May 2005 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

Something new! Two popular services that you may be interested in: enhancing laptop screens and OneNote training. We just partnered with an organization that provides screen enhancements for laptops--making them much more functional in direct light & outdoors...and improving the overall brightness of the screen without affecting the power consumption of the notebook. We saw how incredible the results were and just had to pass along the value to you.

OneNote training is picking up again. Even without a Tablet or notebook PC, OneNote (part of Office 2003) can revolutionize the way you take notes and perform research. It can tranform much of the loose, informal data we all hold onto into valuable knowledge from which the entire company can benefit.

Tip of the Month

Hidden commands in Outlook

Here are a few relatively obscure but very valuable commands for Microsoft Outlook:

New Contact from Same Company - A quick way to create a new Contact that has much of the same rolodex information as another...without having to reinput those fields. Accessible from any contact in the Actions menu, "New Contact from Same Company."

Close All Items - Sometimes we end up opening a lot of Outlook items (Contacts, Emails, Appointments, etc.) and it begins to clutter up our desktop and taskbar. This is a nifty way of closing all those items without exiting Outlook. Accessible from the main Outlook screen in the File menu, "Close All Items"

Resend this message - This nifty command allows you to send a message that's already been sent, either to the same or a different recipient (without "forwarding" it or going through the trouble of copying and pasting). To access, find a message in your "Sent Items" folder, double click to open it, choose the Actions menu from this message, and then select "Resend This Message..." (I know you're tempted by the item that's right above it--"Recall This Message"--but trust me it won't do what you'd like.)

Outlook tips from other SET newsletters:
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Tool of the Month

Wi-Fi Free Spot (.com)

Wififreespot.com is my favorite website for finding a free hotspot, or location to access the internet wirelessly. Most of the laptops today have wireless capabilities built in--the challenge has just been finding a place where you can access a signal. Rather than pay the outrageous fees charged by some corporate coffee & book retailers, you can find free hot spots at any of a number of locations listed on this website (broken down by state and city). Next time you take a trip, learn in advance where you can get online for free. Enjoy!

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