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June 2005 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

We've been very busy creating a number of user- friendly and powerful document templates for law firms and professional service businesses. One of the most exciting new things, however, has been our work with ConvergentWorks. We've found their directDesk product to be a huge productivity and security boost for small to mid size firms, and we're thrilled to be providing training for their clients.

Tip of the Month

Accessing Files super-quickly with the My Places bar!

It can be quite time-consuming to navigate deep into a network structure to find the file you’re looking for. Did you know that you can shortcut the directories you use frequently so that they’re one click away in all of your Office applications?

The “My Places” portion of the Save As and Open windows:

If you’re using Microsoft Office 2002/XP or 2003, read on for the very easy steps...

(If you use Office 97/2000 you’ll need Tweak UI)

  1. To add to the My Places list:

    1. Select File > Open or File > Save As within any Microsoft Office application

    2. Navigate to the folder you’d like to add to the list

    3. Select “Add to ‘My Places’” from the Tools dropdown

  2. To remove an item from the My Places list, right click on that item and choose “Remove”
  3. To rearrange an item in the My Places list, right click on that item and choose either “Move Up” or “Move Down”
  4. And even better: to display more items at once, right click anywhere in the My places list and choose “Small Icons”

Tool of the Month

Two Google Tools...

Here are two fantastic Google tools that have picked up much more attention in the last couple months:

Google Maps. You’ll quickly see that this is unlike other map sites—it allows you to move the map quickly without refreshing the page, and quickly lets you switch between satellite photographs and traditional easy-to-read maps. Then again, in the next year or two we should be seeing low-level photographs on our web maps, but until then...

Customize your Google. If you like Yahoo’s interface why not try Google’s custom homepage and keep Google’s search functionality.

And no, I don’t own any Google stock...(sigh)


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