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August 2005 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

Another month, another lesson to learn about Outlook...or Excel...or OneNote. We've had some truly exciting projects this month: working on Outlook workflow within a large association, developing many more tools within Word & Excel, and further refining our course topics in OneNote. We hope you've been a little bit less busy and have gotten to enjoy this beautiful summer. Read on for some quick tips (and definitely don't miss the fun link to SET's old introduction)!

Tip of the Month

Quickly Apply Formatting in Word/Excel/PowerPoint

Don't waste your time figuring out formatting, just use the Format Painter! In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint there's a tool that allows you to reapply formatting from one place in a document to other locations by copying its formatting. This tool is called the Format Painter.

Many of you have clicked on the Format Painter, but how many have double-clicked on it? That's where it becomes truly helpful...

To use the Format Painter:

  1. Select the text from which you’d like to copy the formatting

  2. DOUBLE-click on the Format Painter icon (single clicking would only allow you to paste the formatting once)

  3. With the paintbrush cursor that now appears, highlight any text to apply the copied formatting

  4. To stop "painting," press [Esc]

Tool of the Month

The Wayback Machine

Website no longer available? Curious how a company's image has changed? Lost an old project of your own that you'd created for the web?

Enter: The Wayback Machine...

The Internet Archive (a San Francisco non-profit) created the Wayback Machine to provide an "internet library" with snapshots of websites at various times.  It's both fun and informative.  When looking up a website on the Wayback Machine (www.archive.org) you'll find archived copies of that particular website at different times.

Here are some fun examples:

The original SET Consulting flash! (this is really quite amusing)

Yahoo once upon a time

Even familiar Google had a different look!

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