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November 2005 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

Congratulations to Art Jacoby, a business growth advisor and long-time client, for winning the Connector of the Year award with the Greater Baltimore Technology Council!

I want to share with you this random thought--if people put as much time into their marriage proposals as they did their business ones, there'd be many fewer divorces. That being said, SET's been engaged multiple times this month to clients whose projects are occasionally keeping us up at night. We've had the pleasure of working with three legal organizations, a large regional bank, a government agency, and numerous professional service firms. I also had the privilege to speak at the Maryland State Bar's conference this past weekend. It's been a lot of work, but a good feeling to have going into Thanksgiving. Thank you for helping us to get here--and we at SET wish you a happy holiday!

Tip of the Month

Neat ideas for Outlook

We all schedule appointments while reading or composing an email. As soon as we click on the calendar we're quickly taken to TODAY. This isn't negative the first time, but it gets annoying as we keep clicking on the calendar and have to reset to the date range we're looking for. Here's an easy solution...

Try opening the calendar in a new window, separate from your email, contacts, etc. Here's how:

In any version of Outlook, right click on the calendar folder and choose Open in New Window. Then just leave that window open and switch to it when necessary...or resize it to fit neatly somewhere else on the screen.

Possibly the best shortcut in Outlook: Ctrl+K

When addressing emails it can be cumbersome to find a recipient's address. While it seems that most people's address automatically come up when we start typing, sometimes we guess wrong or the name doesn't want to appear. Worse yet, this cache of addresses may be lost when moving to a new machine or resetting Outlook. But don't worry about why that doesn't work, just try this as it's guaranteed to work:

In the To/CC/BCC fields of an email, type the first few letters of a person's first or last name (or both) and press Ctrl+K. If your address books are correctly configured you should see the email address you're looking for appear. If multiple contacts apply then you'll be prompted to select one. Now you'll almost never have to navigate through your address books again. Please try this at least once to see just how helpful it is...Fyi, it also works fantastic on Outlook Web Access (OWA)...hint hint.

Tool of the Month

Google Toolbar, even for Firefox

1) If you're not using Firefox, you might want to consider it...

More people are using Firefox every day. If you stay on top of updates, Internet Explorer is very safe…but Firefox just has some nice features. For instance, in one program window you can have a number of sites open by utilizing tabs. This is fantastic for research...or for keeping your personal email site open on one tab. Its ability to resize locked text makes it much easier to browse sites with tiny fonts. And overall it just feels less cluttered than Internet Explorer. For more information click here, or click here to try Firefox (it's free)...

2) If you're not using the Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer...

The Google Toolbar is simply the fastest way to perform any type of research that involves Google. These days that means the Google term is the fastest way to perform any type of research (grin). Find out more in our old article on the Google Toolbar... Download the Google toolbar here.

3) But if you want to use both Firefox and a Google Toolbar, here's how...

Once you've already installed Mozilla Firefox, visit this site and follow the instructions to install the Google Toolbar for Firefox. It's very similar to the original Google Toolbar.

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