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December 2005 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

November has been a fantastic month here at SET, both good business and some time off. Looking up at the wall I see we're working on projects for 16 clients at the same time. Pretty neat. Maybe you should call back next month?

As we did a couple years ago, this month we'd like to offer you some creative gift ideas for the holiday season. Read on: I assure you there'll be at least one idea that you never considered. And another idea you really shouldn't try…

Holiday Gift Guide

Want to make your son/daughter ecstatic--get them an iPod. Here's an overview of the different iPods and prices. If they're active and want something super portable, consider the Nano (199 - 249$) or Shuffle (99 - 129$). The former has a neat screen and holds a few thousand songs...the latter is much less expensive and even smaller. If they're into videos and the latest whiz bang technology, consider the 40 or 60gb new iPods (299 - 399$). But don't fret, there are plenty of older models out there that are less expensive (like the discontinued mini). Don't want to get it for your kid, get it for yourself!

Already got an iPod? Don't feel like spending so much cash? Buy a domain name... Domains cost less than $10/year and you have them for life. Long ago I reserved goralnick.com, and all of my family now uses it for email. Believe it or not, the variations on it are already gone. The time to get a domain is now--whether it be lastname.com, lastnamefamily.com, firstandlastname.com, or some other variation like ispoilmykidwithcreativegifts.com. Avoid expensive sites like register.com and try godaddy.com or mydomain.com, which offer free or inexpensive email accounts. If you'd like to put up a website, try hostgator.com for bargain hosting with great features

Want something practical? How boring. Nevertheless, here are some links to practical items that I personally use, ranging from ordinary to geeky: the Staples Staple Gun Stapler, a personal voice recorder for quick thoughts , Screen Spray and a Cloth for LCD screens, a KVM to share one mouse/keyboard/monitor with 2 computers.

Still not sure? Here's a guide and an idea of something definitely to avoid...Amazon has a very helpful gift guide that is divided into categories like price, age, relationship to the person, type of present, and popularity. How could you go wrong (click this for a chuckle)?

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