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February 2006 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

Some things are in the works with SET: hopefully this will prove to be a year of exciting change & growth. In the mean time, we're still very busy helping businesses to automate their proposal processes, work faster in Word & Outlook, and save a lot of time. In the next issue you'll be in for the first surprise...

Tip of the Month

Email Large Attachments Quickly

Have you ever needed to send a large PowerPoint presentation, a high resolution image, a video…or another big file? While many email systems will allow the sending and receiving of attachments 5-10mb, it's impolite and often frustrating when one has to receive files this large (or larger!). This is particularly important when you need to send an attachment to a large group of people--you never want to attach a file larger than a megabyte to more than a few people.

The days of expensive and cumbersome file sharing are over. Here's how to solve this and look much more professional in the process…

If you rarely share large files but occasionally need to swap with one or two individuals, try this free service: www.mailbigfile.com. While it's not the fastest tool of its kind, it allows you to easily share attachments up to 1gb (1,000,000mb) with one recipient. The main catch is that the attachment can only be downloaded 3 times within one week of its being shared.

If you regularly share large files (as I do), I highly recommend box.net. Whenever I send attachments (here's a demonstration) with a link to a funny video), I always use box.net. Box.net gives me 1gb of storage with a really nice interface. The price: $3/month (yes, less than a couple sodas at Friday's, and much better for you).

Tool of the Month

GoToMeeting may keep People Awake during Conference Calls

No offense to WebEX and Microsoft LiveMeeting, but I can't justify their cost. But in the last month I've had no fewer than a dozen meetings that were helped out by GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting allows me to create a web conference for up to 10 people at once. In the conference I can show PowerPoint, walk them through a demo or (as I often do) share my live meeting notes and allow them to modify them on-the-fly. It makes you appear more professional, keeps you on the same page with the other parties, and most importantly: there's a better chance the other parties will stay awake.

Oh, did I mention that as part of the fixed monthly fee of $40 you also get unlimited usage of free call conferencing for up to 10 people. Wow. And wow.

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