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March 2006 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

Check out my new blog, www.technotheory.com!

While we at SET have enjoyed growing our business locally in the DC & Baltimore region, for some time I've wanted to participate with the larger internet community. This blog is a personal project, but it relates to our activities and the development of our expertise here at SET. I hope you'll visit, subscribe to our site feed or email broadcast, and tell your friends! I welcome your feedback either in the comments sections or directly via email.

You can access the blog here.

Tip of the Month

Advanced Search & Replace in Word

By now you’ve probably used Search & Replace in Word, and you may have even tried some of the advanced tools within it. Here are some search tips that are worthy of bragging rights.

Tip 1. Don’t perform a “Replace All.”

I posted this tip on the blog earlier this month, click here for the rest of it...

Tool of the Month

Web Tools Highlights

To keep with the theme of blogging, here are a few tools I've come across in the last couple months that might pique your interest:

Del.icio.us - A bookmarking tool that will save you a lot of time. Sound strange? Here's why it’s won me over.

Temptation Blocker - Locks you out of certain programs while you're working. A great way to force yourself to focus...

SideStep - One of the newer flight search engines. Searches more sites, has an easier interface, and has no booking fees.

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