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April 2006 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

Are proposals a big part of your job? How about data analysis in Microsoft Excel? If you're performing the same tasks regularly in Office, not only can we automate many of these operations, but we'll make the resulting deliverables attractive and professional. These sorts of projects have been keeping us quite busy lately. Feel free to get in touch if you're curious about automating a proposal or other Office document.

Tip of the Month

Quickly adjust font size on the web, and the zoom in Office

You can quickly increase or decrease the font size of most websites.  With the same shortcut you can adjust the zoom percentage in any Office application.  In Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or any Office application, try this:

Hold the [Ctrl] key down on your keyboard, and with your other hand, roll the mouse's scrollwheel.  Depending on the application, the scroll direction will adjust the size differently.  You'll see how helpful this is very quickly.  Don't worry, this won't affect the actual formatting of any Office or web documents--it'll just make them easier to read.

Note that on some pages viewed with Internet Explorer, the site has locked the text size with CSS.  In Firefox you are able to adjust the font size of any website's text.

Tool of the Month

Remove Hidden Data from Word

If you've ever been concerned about hidden data in your documents, you may want to try Microsoft's Remove Hidden Data tool.

Running this tool will remove comments, revisions, document properties, and other potentially revealing information from a document.  Before placing a document online or sending off a file to client, you might consider using this free add-in:

Download here from Microsoft.

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