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November 2006 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

November is your chance to catch a public SET Consulting event! I'll be speaking to the Maryland State Bar Association on November 11th about general tips and tricks for Office 2003. And on November 15th, I'll present to the Association of Legal Information System Managers (ALISM) regarding what's in store for Office 2007.

The Maryland State Bar Association’s event is part of the Solo and Small Firm Conference. I’ll be speaking from 1:30 - 2:30 on "More Than You Thought Possible: Expanding Your Knowledge of MS Office." The MSBA’s full description:

Jared Goralnick of SET Consulting will present quick tips for Microsoft Office in the law office. Whether you spend hours every day in Office or only occasionally open Word, this accessible advice will immediately improve your productivity. Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote (the best kept Office secret for law firms) will be discussed. For more information and to register, visit http://msba.org/events/soloconf06/registration.htm.

The ALISM event is open to SET Consulting guests for $25, with lunch included. The event is located in Washington DC and is titled, "Office 2007: What's it mean for your law firm?" ALISM’s full description:

Microsoft Office System 2007 is the biggest change to Microsoft Word, Outlook and the rest of their suite since Office 95. It's not just new menu options—there are no more pull-down menus at all! The interface is completely reworked, the file structure is now XML-based, PDF writing is (nearly) native, rich documents are easy to produce, and the list goes on… In this session you'll learn how Office 2007 is a completely re-developed suite of products that will affect your firm whether you decide to upgrade immediately or years from now. Bring your tough questions and get ready for an exciting demonstration. Office 2007 will likely ship in the next few months—so be prepared! For information, visit http://www.alism.org/calendar.htm. To register, contact Jared at john@setconsulting.com.

Tip of the Month

Quickly and Accurately Access Excel Worksheets

Have you ever had a large number of worksheets within your Excel workbook? In other words, have you had so many tabs at the bottom of a workbook that you had to click on the tiny arrows to find the ones that are off the screen? It’s a nuisance and takes time to find the one you want.

Try this (a special thank you to Shauna Kelly for this tip):

Right click on the arrows on the bottom left of the Excel window (just above the status bar). You’ll see a nice list of all the worksheets in the Excel workbook. Just click the one you’d like and it will appear. No more scrolling left and right to find a worksheet!

Tool of the Month

Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0

Like it or not, Internet Explorer 6 is an ancient web browser. Internet Explorer 7 is a huge step in the right direction; improvements such as better security, better web standards support, cleaner interface, and tabbed browsing will really make your browsing experience better.

Firefox 2.0 has also been recently released. Personally, as a longtime Firefox supporter, I find the new version to be unstable for the time being—but surely that will be fixed in a matter of weeks. For the time being, though, I love its excellent spellchecking for everything that I type on the web.

Take your pick, they’re both fantastic upgrades!

Internet Explorer 7 (DISCLAIMER: Please ask your IT department before downloading this!!!):

Firefox 2.0:

Screenshots of both:

Internet Explorer 7:

Firefox 2.0:

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