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December 2006 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

This has been a wonderful and productive year for us at SET; our five-year anniversary is just around the corner! Thank you for your continued support and patronage. Everyone here at SET wishes you a happy holiday season and a successful and exciting 2007!

Tip of the Month

Sorting text in Word

Every once in a while , there is a list of paragraphs in Word that needs to be sorted. Maybe they start with dates, perhaps its last names, or even office locations; regardless, ... but they need to be put in a certain order. One way to do this would be to place the information it in a table, another might be to copy it into Excel. But why waste your time...

  1. Make sure that each paragraph you'd like to organize is exactly one paragraph . (to Word, one paragraph is the text between two ENTER keys being pressed)

  2. Select the paragraphs that you'd like to sort

  3. Choose Table --> Sort

  4. Choose the appropriate type (date/text/etc) and sort method

  5. Click OK

Tool of the Month

Google Maps on your Cell phone

Ever been lost or needed a phone number? If not, then you probably don't need my tips. But in case you're still curious, Google Maps has an application for your cell phone. In other words, Google wrote a program that will work on many mobile phones , and that is also much faster and easier than trying to use a web browser on your mobile phone. It provides:

If you have a web browser on your phone, then you can install this application it quickly and for free. Just point your cell phone's browser to www.google.com/gmm. I've used it on Palm-based Treos and BlackBerrys and very much enjoyed it.

And for those who want to try the very latest mobile tools (especially if you have a Windows handheld), a second option is Microsoft's Windows Live Search for Mobile. It's currently in beta, but it's pretty amazing. On your mobile phone, visit http://wls.live.com.

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