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June 2007 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

So, if you can believe it, our five year anniversary has come and gone here at SET Consulting.  Keith, Kevin, Kate, David, Shauna, and I celebrated over sushi and stories.  It’s been a fun time working with them, and with all of you!  In the coming months, look for some changes to our website and additional services.  We're really excited to be involved with more Office design projects like this one for the Four Hour Workweek (see our tool of the month!)—have you ever seen Excel used like this?

Tip of the Month

Renaming Outlook Messages

Regardless of how you organize your email, when you glance at a message subject it's often difficult to know its contents.  Fortunately, in Outlook you can rename the message subject of an email so that if and when you have to return to it, you'll be able to idenitify it easily and know what it's actually about.

In any version of Outlook, open the message by double-clicking it.  You can't be in the reading pane when editing a message.

In Outlook 2002/2003, click in the subject area and edit.  When you close the message you'll be prompted to save it.

In Outlook 2007, expand the message horizontally until you can see the Other Actions pull down menu within the Message section of the ribbon.  Click on the Other Actions menu and choose Edit Message.  Then click in the subject area and edit. When you close the message you'll be prompted to save it.

Now, in your folder list you'll have a very clear title of the message.

Tool of the Month

The Four Hour Workweek

If you know me well, you're likely to know that I'm as excited about books as I am technology.  Two non-fiction books have really stood out for me this year, but only one of them really relates to this newsletter:

The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

It's about eliminating the tasks you don't need, outsourcing the stuff that's not necessary, and radically rethinking your time management.  It may sound like a silly title, but it's a practical book that outlines how to get the most meaningful things done—whether that be at the office, or in the rest of your life.

You can read about how I've tried out this approach here.  I've recommended it to a few clients (since it was published a couple months ago) and they've enjoyed it.  You can also find a brief video interview of Tim Ferriss by Robert Scoble here.

What’s the other book? Drop me a note and I’ll tell you about it.

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