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September 2007 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

Summer is winding down, but life continues to heat up here at SET – we’ve been doing a ton of great events and trainings lately! We sponsored and made a presentation on personal productivity at BarCampDC; we presented on Vista for law firms at an Association of Legal Information System Managers’ meeting; and we’ll be sponsoring and attending DC Startup Weekend next month. If that weren’t enough, we’re also currently knee-deep in the process of creating a new look and feel for SET’s website, so keep an eye out for the launch in early November!

Tip of the Month

Set your headers and footers quickly in PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2003 brought us the ability to use multiple slide designs, which translated to more places for you to keep track of the header, footer, and date.  Then, of course, there are the handouts, where we so often forget to update this information as well.  The solution?  Use the Header and Footer command.

When setting up your master slides and handouts, you'll see that the footer and date/time fields are already prepared for you to use:

PowerPoint Footer

Just take care to place them in an appropriate spot as you manipulate the masters.  If you’re not familiar with master slides, you can likely still adjust the headers and footers with the following steps:

  1. Select View-->Header and Footer
  2. Enter information for the Date and time as well as the Footer

Enter the information for the Date and Time and the Footer

  1. Click the Notes and Handouts tab (this is the step that everyone misses)
  2. Enter information for the Date and Time, Header, and Footer
  3. Click Apply to All

Now the correct information will be displayed on all of your slides as well as your handouts.  If you want to modify this information at any time, follow steps 1-5 again.

Tool of the Month


If you ever have trouble entering your time for the day or if your computer has ever crashed, TimeSnapper is for you.  I’ve been using it for a couple of years and can’t recommend it enough.

TimeSnapper will keep track of what you do, all day long, for better or worse.  It records a screenshot of your activity every 45 seconds (or at whatever interval you set), enabling you to play your day back like a video.  Better yet, it lets you filter your results so that you can quickly find how much time you spent working on a particular document or researching a topic.

If you’ve ever closed a window by accident without saving or had your computer crash, TimeSnapper can be used to show a snapshot of the work you’d performed – you won’t lose more than a minute’s worth of work in the end.  You can grab a thirty-day trial here: www.timesnapper.com.

TimeSnapper Screenshot

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