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October 2007 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

This past Thursday we were very grateful to receive a Small Giants award at the Greater Baltimore Technology Council's annual TechNite! It was fun to catch up with many friends and to introduce Ashley Baratz, who joined us just last week as a marketing analyst! Then this weekend was DC Startup Weekend, where I was lucky enough to work with nearly 70 of the region's best and brightest to launch a business in just 54 hours.

One of the Small Giant Award Recipients:

DC Startup Weekend Video:

This continues to be an exciting year for SET Consulting; stay tuned for our new website and an application we're developing that will help you to be more productive at work!

Tip of the Month

Excel Status Bar Calculations

Sometimes you don't need a formula in Excel—you can just look at the status bar to see a quick calculation.

In the right end of the status bar (on the bottom of the Excel screen), calculations can be displayed for the average, count, number of numbers, maximum/minimum value, and sum of any given range of numbers.  To display this information:

  1. Select a range of cells in Excel

  2. In Excel 2003, right click on the status bar (where you see the calculation listed) and choose the function to be performed.  In Excel 2007, just look toward the bottom of your screen (no need to click, but additional options will appear if you do)

    Excel 2003:

    Excel 2007:

Tool of the Month

World Clock Meeting Planner

I'll save you the comments about how the world has gotten flatter...but it seems more and more business involves time zones and many schedules. One easier way to pick an appropriate time is the World Clock Meeting Planner. Just choose the time zones of the participants and pick a date--the site will then let you know when it's safe to suggest a meeting.

No install, no learning curve, just a neat tool for meeting planning:


And if you are doing work abroad, I can't help but to plug everyone's favorite international calling tool: Skype.

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