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July 2008 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

Yikes--did someone say summers were slow? As we make it through our final months of development on AwayFind things just get more exciting! Some media where you may have seen us include Web Worker Daily, Profy, the Aaron Brazell Show, and even a mention on Robert Scoble's WorkFast! And we haven't even launched! I've also written a couple articles for Lifehacker, one of which hit the front page of Digg! Yes, social media is a crazy place!

Sound exciting? Read on for how to embrace it for your own business.

But before you do, I should mention that we've got a new rock star in the virtual house: Wayne Leroux has taken the lead on our AwayFind development and we're ever thankful for his resourcefulness and dedication to putting this product on the map! Next time you're in Montreal, say hello to him :-).

Tips from Technotheory

Get Started with Social Media NOW

You keep hearing me (and everyone else) talk about social media. If you want to get started building relationships and spreading the word about your business online, here's where to start:

Getting Started with Social Media - A Guide and Resource List.

Tool of the Month

Save Time and Maintain your Privacy with BugMeNot

Miss my old quick hits? Here you go: ever wanted to read an article on a website but not had time to go through five sign-up screens? Or maybe it was for privacy reasons or you were afraid of getting spammed...

Try www.bugmenot.com, where you can quickly grab an account that will get you get into a site without registering. People post login information for most of the popular sites on the web!

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