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December 2008 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

Last month saw the launch of AwayFind, and things have been very busy since! I'm still abroad right now after attending Paris' Le Web conference (photos); we're continuing to gain traction with AwayFind overseas! Meanwhile for the holidays, I recommend checking out this week's episode of the Get it Done Guy, which features AwayFind...his show is one of my favorites!

All of us at SET Consulting wish you a very happy and healthy holidays and new year!

Stop Unnecessary Email from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter...

There's no reason we receive so much unnecessary email from LinkedIn, Facebook, Plaxo, or Twitter. Here are the exact steps (in 2 minute videos) to permanently filter out the social network noise from your email, without losing touch:


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A perfect, personal present for anyone.

Have a friend or client where you want to give a special, personalized gift? I'd suggest going to DC-based GlobalGiving.com and mailing or emailing a (tax free) gift card to your friend, so they can then donate that money to a cause of their choosing.

Global Giving Gift Cards

You feel good, they feel good, and someone in need gets help. That's my kind of gift.

Happy holidays, and warmest wishes for 2008!

(disclaimer: though I've suggested Global Giving, many other not for profits have similar gifting programs. Please consider the organization of your choice this holiday season!)

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