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February 2009 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

Can you believe that February is almost over? At SET we had some fun at home, speaking at Ignite Baltimore and taking an impromptu retreat in Charlottesville. This next month is full of conferences & far-away clients for me. (7 cities, yikes)

If you're heading to South by Southwest in Austin, please check out my panel, Presenting Straight to the Brain, with Kathy Sierra (author, O'Reilly's Head First series), Cliff Atkinson (author, Beyond Bullet Points), and Craig Ball (craigball.com). Yes, SET's still designing PowerPoint presentations!

Tip of the Month

How to Build Online Relationships

I get asked a great deal about how to get involved on the web. I don't believe it's any different than the real world: it's about nurturing the right relationships. That means something other than filling out a profile on LinkedIn and expecting the world to open up.

Here are 6 concrete lessons-learned in online relationship-building, as I presented them to the Greater Baltimore Technology Council.

Two more tips

Happiness & Browser Glee

I had an incredible time at Ignite Baltimore, presenting how a little bit of productivity can lead to a great bit of happiness. You can watch the five minute video here:

Little bit of productivity, great bit of happiness

And if you just want some old-fashioned geeky advice, learn how you can browse the web much faster with my 90 second video on Firefox 3's address bar trick:

Use Firefox? Try this super fast trick and you'll never browse the same

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