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March 2009 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

Happy end of March! Couple quick news items: if you're in Baltimore, we're excited to have time available for personal MS Office training at all expertise levels. And we're also getting more work with proposal design and automation--no time better than the present to be bidding and winning more work!

As for events: I'm quite excited to be co-organizing Ignite DC (on May 14) and to have launched Bootstrap Maryland (on May 2). If you can make it out (or want to get the message behind your company out to young, passionate, and tech-savvy people by sponsoring), check 'em out!

Tip of the Month

Presenting to a Crowd and Time Management Online

My writing this month has focused on accountability and South by Southwest. In the way of practical tips, here's some solid advice from other folks around the web...

If you're ever speaking in front of group, popular photographer and Renaissance man James Duncan Davidson has some prescient advice:

If you're having trouble balancing your time with social media, check out David Allen (of Getting Things Done fame) for his advice in BusinessWeek:

Tool of the Month

Outlook User? Try ClearContext.

A few months ago I rediscovered ClearContext, which helps you to really quickly organize and prioritize your email, appointments, and tasks in Outlook. If you spend much of your day in Outlook, check it out to upgrade your experience and cut some time out of it.


Both the free and pro versions are big helps!

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