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April 2009 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

We at SET hope you all had a great April! It doesn't feel like the end of anything for us though, as the inaugural Bootstrap Maryland conference is taking place Saturday! We've sold all 220 spots and 10 sponsorships! We hope that it spawns more innovation in this region. Check it out: www.bootstrapmaryland.com. And if you want to get involved with future events like this, just let me know.

In other news, you can check out two big interviews about our product, AwayFind: one with Robert Scoble and one with Blue Sky Factory's Greg Cangialosi. Both videos as well as our coverage in Gartner are here...

Tips from the Blog

The 99 Percent Conference

Besides our April Fools' Day article about applying productivity to relationships, I haven't been writing as much this month. Our best tips were those from people like Seth Godin and Scott Belsky at The 99 Percent Conference in NYC. But wow was that inspiring.

Here I shared my lessons learned in getting things done from the conference (i.e, from some of the most productive people of our time).

Tool of the Month

Remind Yourself with a Scheduled Text Message

This tip came from my friend Steve Bass of TechBite.com. Go to BitBomb.com and schedule a text message to go to your cell phone. I've written before how romantic, practical, and geeky this is. Now it's free and fast. (Another service that Steve mentioned also let you send to others, but I couldn't get it to work.)

Go have fun! And hope to see many of you Saturday at Bootstrap Maryland!

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