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July 2009 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

The last couple months at SET have been busy. Two people have joined our team-Matias and Rubén. Matias is one of the most creative designers I've worked with and he's already done a great job on all sorts of Word, PowerPoint, and even Amazon Kindle design projects. Rubén is a really strong developer who's working alongside Wayne and David to ensure we get the next version of AwayFind out the door on time in the fall.

In other news...I've just begun planning the next Bootstrap Maryland event (late October)-if you're interested in sponsoring an event that helps people launch successful businesses in the MD/DC/VA area, let me know.

One last bit: Information Overload Awareness Day is Aug 12, and there's a lot of practical stuff to learn about the topic at an online conference I'm involved with (I'm on the board of a group that's sponsoring this). Anyhow, the event is normally $50, but subscribers of this newsletter can get in free with this code: jgguest. Register here.

Tips from the Blog

Time Management and Searching your Email/Files Faster

Since it's been two months since I last bugged you, there's been a lot on the blog. Here are some more popular bits:

There's been much more in June and July. You can receive my posts, which are usually weekly, by email if you click here.

NEW Guide to NOT Checking Email!

A Live Webinar for my Subscribers, at no cost with the Guide to NOT Checking Email!

I've been working very hard to get a second version of our Guide to NOT Checking Email out. This is my best work and it *will* change the way you structure your day and manage email. I just released it, and for the next 5 days, you'll get access to a webinar I'm putting on about clearing your inbox fast. It's only $9 (at least for now, before we announce it to the rest of the world):


If you get a lot of email and you're a busy person, this very fast read will make your week. The last version had over 2,000 downloads. You can grab the book and get in on the webinar (to be scheduled) here:


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