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July 2010 Efficiency Newsletter

Technology does not create productive people. We do.

This past week I transitioned to an advisory role at SET Consulting and John Lucke has replaced me as President. John and I met 4 months ago, and his background in business process improvement, consulting, and production suit him well for SET. He’s also a wizard at Office—he and the ever-growing SET team will continue to take care of our clients, helping them to win back time every day.

I love SET Consulting—our team, our clients, and our mission—but feel like it’s time for me to focus on AwayFind, my former side project that has the potential to change the way millions of people communicate. AwayFind is now 10 employees and thousands of users strong. You can read more about this transition and what’s in store for me (on my Technotheory blog).

Now is still a great time for SET and Office productivity. Microsoft Office 2010 arrived last month, and we’re all likely working in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint more than ever. If your team is migrating to Office 2007/2010 or struggling with reports, we’d still love to save you 30 minutes per day We’re still doing great work—feel free to reply to this message if we can help at all.

While this isn’t goodbye, this is likely my last SET newsletter. I owe you a really giant Thank You for the 8 incredible years where we’ve grown (and grown up, in my case) together. I’m not a geek’s geek, I just like helping good people to work smarter…and you all have been such great people. I mean that. John is so lucky to work with you. (And the other way around, too!) I do hope we can all get a chance to work together again soon.

So look out for some productivity tips in the future from John. And welcome to the next chapter of SET.


Jared Goralnick
Founder and Advisor

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