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Proposal/RFP Design & Automation

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When it comes to proposals, SET can take a lot of the pain out of the bidding process and simultaneously increase the chances that you’ll win the work.  In sum, there are two major reasons clients in this area engage us:

It doesn’t matter how similar your various proposals are to one another—the odds are good that they’re still consuming too much of your time and energy.  Here’s how we can work with you to improve and streamline your process.  (Please note that everything described below takes place in Microsoft Office, and thus should not require the purchasing of additional software.)

  1. We examine your existing proposals and determine the similarities in terms of content and formatting
  2. We provide a cost estimate to improve the process  (We’ll be honest: the minimum price for a proposal package is $2,500—better to know now, right?)
  3. We work with you to improve the look and feel of your proposals, as well as their formatting consistency
  4. We incorporate fields and intelligence as necessary—integrating Outlook, CRM, or other workflow tools in order to standardize and simplify the proposal creation process
  5. Once you are happy with the format, content, and intelligence, we assist in installing your proposal tool (usually within a couple of hours)
  6. We provide remote or on-site training to ensure the success of the proposal tool and that your people feel comfortable using it

When we’re done, you’ll have more time to focus exclusively on the content of your proposals, which are dramatically more professional, and—most importantly—will help you win more business!

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