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Partnering with Design Firms

We enable design firms to offer Microsoft Office design as part of their services.  This not only differentiates you from your competition, but it offers your clients a way to further their brand.

SET understands the idiosyncrasies of Microsoft Office.  You know how to communicate your clients’ brands professionally.  Together, we can deliver to your clients an editable design that you can be proud of—in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.

How does it work?  Either you show us the brand and explain what they need, or you provide InDesign / PDF files for us to reproduce.  We then do the design and production.

From working out the quirks in a simple letterhead to developing a full-featured reporting system in Excel, we can be as involved as you'd like.  Our most popular projects with design firms are:

If you’d like us to explain further, we’d be happy to talk details.  Just fill out this short form and we’ll be in touch.





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