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Many professionals and consultants have an approach to technology that's like buying a Corvette to beat rush hour traffic.  At SET, we know that the back roads and shortcuts will ultimately cut your travel time more than any fast vehicle ever could.  In short, SET provides the best ways to work with software—techniques developed from experience and hard-won expertise rather than manuals or blind tradition.

Rest assured—SET will never try to fit you into a box.  Your company is unique, and so are its training needs.  We work with your users to understand their pain points, and then we provide a comprehensive, customized training solution that will enable them to work faster and smarter.

We also make it easy for your people to retain our material:

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A New Approach

SET's approach is quite different from other training providers. We use our own material and focus strictly on practical applications that can be learned and applied. We often stagger our training over the course of a month and verify that trainees can perform the exercises on their own computers - techniques that greatly improve learner retention, which is our chief priority. Please read on; we feel you'll be pleasantly surprised with our uncommon approach.

A Focus on Retention — When we leave your office you will feel comfortable with the material we explained. You'll have already completed an intense exercise with practical benefits and you will have had personal time with an expert instructor who was able to answer your questions. Should you have additional questions, you'll have a phone number and email address at which you can reach us for follow-up support.

A Focus on the Practical — We are efficiency trainers who happen to work well with software. People frequently remark, "your business is great because people only use 20% of a product," but that only captures part of the story. We'd rather improve on that 20% if that's what's most important for our trainees, rather than show them flashy features they may use twice in their lives. We save people time and alleviate frustration; we can do that because we understand how and why people use the software in the way that they do.

You Won't Miss Much Work! — We do most of our training on-site, with a group presentation in the morning and then comprehensive exercises in small groups over the course of the day. We can come early and stay late. For most sessions, each trainee need only dedicate two to three hours of time in a given day...and they don't even need to leave the office!

We Do One Thing — A lot of companies do many things. We help people to save time with their existing technology: that's it. We're a small company, and don't have the time to do anything but provide the level of service our clients deserve.

Our Own Material Most training providers purchase their courseware. Major courseware focuses on beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. We develop our own material to focus on the practical. Surprisingly, our material has more slides and videos than most course providers, which tend to rely on instructors dictating the material and explaining the examples. We feel that seeing, hearing, and trying leads to greater retention for our trainees. In addition, our hands-on exercises are modified for every client to include industry - and company - specific examples.

Small Group Sessions — When training on-site, we hold small group sessions of 3-5 people to work out the comprehensive exercises. Most trainers do the exercises in a full class setting, where students often don't ask questions. Our small group sessions are usually held with trainees at their own computer, where the instructor can resolve issues or answer questions specific to the software on that PC, which we will adjust based on the training.

Satisfaction Guarantee — There are no catches. If you're not happy, then we didn't do our job. We will address any complaints, (in 5 years we've never had a client unhappy with our training!) and issue a refund should you not be satisfied with our work.

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