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Microsoft OneNote 2003 and 2007 Training

SET Consulting is one of the premier national training providers to offer Microsoft OneNote training. As a traning and consulting organization we pioneered both Tablet PC and Microsoft OneNote for internal usage. After seeing substantial productivity and professionalism benefits we began recommending it to our clients. To date we have helped lawyers, journalists, consultants, associations, sales teams, and call centers to utilize Microsoft OneNote 2003 and 2007.

An important facet to recognize about OneNote (particularly with the Tablet PC) is that while it is designed to replace paper, it should not be used like paper. Though that may sound counterintuitive, to truly improve one's productivity, one needs to recognize just how powerful OneNote is. Don't make the same mistake that many of us made early on by developing bad habits in Microsoft Word; learn how to use OneNote efficiently and effectively. SET provides OneNote training that explains how to:

We take pride in the diversity of our clients; it enables us to offer you proven techniques that have worked in similar circumstances. However, we don't have ONE course for you - we always provide consultative training - training tailored to your specific needs. We're thrilled that you're considering such a fantastic product to improve your workforce. Just don't forget that technology like OneNote doesn't create a productive workforce. Training does.

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